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"Only the Best for the Smallest"

- during the Residency...


Come and Touch.

"Only the best for the smallest" is a quote from Dr. Maria Montessori - who inspired the world to reconsider education and offered a unique methodology with creative materials.  Her ideas have spread throughout the world making Montessori the world's largest pedagogy.  Dr. Montessori's methods and materials are available for every age and stage of learner during the residency programs.


Come and Hear.


Only the best in music, art, storytelling and dance will be experienced at Hand In Hand. We have the finest of musicians and artists, along with certified specialists in Musikgarten, and Godly Play working with our children. These community circle times will happen weekly for all ages, fostering developmentally appropriate growth spiritually, socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and liguistically.

Come and See.

Only the best with living things at Hand In Hand, where pets and plants will be an integral part of our environments.  It is important that humans have regular interaction with living creatures and things while developing and maintaining our empathy and sensitivities..  We will have plant care and gardening incorporated into our regular work. 


Come and Smell.


Only the best of purposeful roles and work will be incorporated at Hand In Hand. We are created to work and contribute to the communities we live within.  Every person, at every age, will have some assigned daily responsibility.  These tasks will be important to the community and will make a difference. Everyday experiences become sustaining and life-giving habits as we are found pouring juice, collecting herbs from the garden, hanging up laundry, folding towels, washing dishes, and baking bread. 

Come and Taste.

Only the best in foods and nutrition will be offered at Hand In Hand.  In a world of GMOs, canned goods, and fast food, We will have the highest qualities of food and ingredients available.  Knowing that natural and organic quality equates to quality of life, our community will feast on not only good, but good-for-you snacks and lunches.  Good, clean water will be available for all ages. Snacks and lunches included in your child's residency program.

Image by Sigmund

Come and Visit. Join us for a January Residency or Summer Residency at our Central Headquarters in Roseville, MN!

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